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We specialise in mail order for used 12" vinyl and LP releases from all dance music genres including house, techno rave and indie....basically if you can dance to it then we might have it in stock. Our stock has been provided by dj's and collectors and will change as and when we and upload new collections. Stock is organised alphabetically by artist.

Stock is organised alphabetically by artist.

To search a page please press Control+F (PC users) / Apple+F (Mac users).

If you would like to purchase an item then please copy the details (including Order code) and paste the item into an email or letter.

You will notice that records are have a condition listed acquire...the key to this is shown below.

M Mint - Must be in perfect condition with no audible or visible defects whatsoever. The record and cover/sleeve should be exactly as brand new.
NM Near Mint - Almost mint but has one or two minor visible marks on the cover/sleeve or surface with sound quality remaining perfect.
EX Excellent - Not quite perfect. There may a slight chance of minor deterioration in sound quality. The cover/sleeve may show slight wear.
VG Very Good - The surface and cover/sleeve shows visible signs of wear due to the fact that it has been played on a regular basis. There will be some audible surface noise but it will not affect the listening experience.
G Good - The sound quality has deteriorated due to having been played often. The cover/sleeve and surface will show considerable signs of wear and tear with some possible damage.
F Fair - Has been neglected, but is still playable. There will be major audible defects such as loud clicks or jumping. The cover/sleeve may be badly damaged.
P Poor - Technically playable, but with serious deterioration in condition and sound quality. The cover/sleeve will be badly damaged.
VP Very Poor - In terrible condition and absolutely unplayable. Would only be of use as a last resort to complete a collection.

You can contact us by email at info@figmo.co.uk

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