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"Title" (Label) Year Description Condition Price [Code]
1001 People" Ao-Ao" (DFC)1991 VG£[21016]
2 Mad"Donít Hold Back the Feeling" (Big Life)1990 F£[20907]
290 North"Spirit of 93" (Tomohawk)1993 EX£[21153]
80 Aum"Mindcontroller" (IMC)1992 VG£[21142]
808 State"90" (ZTT)1990 F£[20916]
808 State"The Extended Pleasure of Dance" (ZTT)1990 F£[20917]
808 State"Pacific" (ZTT)1989 F£[20965]
808 State"Cubik" (Tommy Boy)1990 VG£[20997]
A Split Second"Flesh" (ffrr)1991 F£[20845]
Acorn Arts"Silence" ( X Gate)1991 G£[20945]
After Dark"Come with Me Tonight" (Music Man)1991 G£[21094]
Alhambra"Alhambra Remix" (Shake Down Productions)1992 VG£[21207]
Alison Limerick"Where Love Lives" (Arista)1991 F£[20996]
All In 1"Precious Silence" (Mid Town)1991 G£[21027]
Altern 8"Activ 8 Come with Me" (Network)1991 VG£[20941]
Altern 8"The Vertigo EP" (Network)1991Silver Disc F£[20855]
Andomeda"Gazza" (Intrigue)1991 G£[21065]
Angel Ice"Je N\'aime Que Toi" (Beat Box)1991 VG£[21088]
Apollo 440" Destiny" (Stealth)1991 VG£[21201]
Aqua Regia"Rugelach" (Irdial)1990 G£[21038]
Arkanoid"No Problem" (Hi Tech Music)1990 G£[21034]
Arkanoid"Do You Say yeah" (Hi Tech Music)1992 VG£[21033]
Arkanoid"The Story" (Hi Tech Music)1992 G£[21032]
Asmo"Jam the Dance" (Tek)1990 G£[20931]
Atomizer"Time to Time" (Dance Opera)1991 VG£[21101]
Awesome 3"Hard Up" (AM PM)1990 G£[21063]
Aztech"Symphony Of Brotherhood" (Blast Records)1990 G£[20888]
B Sides"Vol 4" (Music Man)1991 G£[20903]
B Sides"Vol 3" (Music Man)1990 G£[21123]
Baby Ford"Children of the Revolution" (Rhythm King)1989 F£[21155]
Badman"Magic Style" (City Beat)1991 G£[21159]
Badman Presents NDX"Higher than Heaven" (Citybeat)1991 VG£[20940]
Band in a Box"Get Dynamite" (No Name)1992 VG£[21098]
Band of Gypsies"Take Me Higher" (Pulse 8)1991 G£[21095]
Bass Kruncher"Magic Flute" (Lafayette)1992 F£[20889]
Bass-O-Matic"In The Realm of the Senses" (White)1990 G£[20933]
Bassix"Close Encounters" (Champion)1990 VG£[20866]
Beat Club"Security Remix" (Robs Records)1990 VG£[21158]
Beltram and Program 2"The Omen" ()1991 G£[20851]
Bizarre Inc"Such a Feeling" (Vinyl Solution)1991 G£[21055]
Bizarre Inc"Playing with Knives" (Vinyl Solution)1991 G£[21002]
Blake Baxter"One More Time" (Logic)1992 G£[21141]
Blapps"Its K.O." (Blapps)1992 G£[20947]
Bleep"The Launchpad" (SSR Records)1990 VG£[20890]
Bleeps Anonymous"The Revenge of Betty Bleep" (Respect)1990 G£[20938]
Blow"Cutter" (Ten)1991 VG£[20894]
Blue Pearl"Can You Feel the Passion" (Big Life)1991 VG£[21181]
Bowa"Different Story" (dead dead good)1991 G£[21187]
Brass Construction"Bass Construction the E.P." (Elicit 3)1991 G£[21130]
Brenda"Anymore" (Italian Style)1994 G£[21019]
Capella"Take Me Away" (Media)1992 G£[21167]
Carl Cox"I Want You (forever)" (Perfecto)1991Fabio and Grooverider Remix G£[21015]
Carl Cox"I Want you (forever)" (Perfecto)1991 G£[21014]
Carol"Fever" (Italian Style)1990 F£[21020]
Cartouche"Feel The Groove" (Brothers)1990 VG£[21157]
Cedric Winkleburger and the Yellow Blueberrys"Take It Easy" (Shut Up and Dance)1991Find time to free your soul VG£[20827]
Chanel X"Rave the Rhythm" (Beat Box)1991 VG£[20932]
Circuit"Shelter me the mixes" (Cool tempo)1991 G£[21220]
Club House"Deep in my Heart" (Media)1990 G£[21073]
Codine"Dream Sequence" (Shut Up and Dance)1991 F£[20831]
Cola Boy"7 Ways to Love" (Arista)1991 G£[21156]
Collapse"My Love" (Citybeat)1990 F£[21145]
Collapse"Hold Me In Your Arms" (Whole)1991 VG£[20909]
Congress"40 Miles" (Inner Rhythm)1991 VG£[20958]
Control"Dance with me (I\'m your ecstasy_" (All around the World)1991 VG£[21078]
Convert"Nightbird" (Big Time)1991 G£[21198]
Cosmo Crew"Show no Shame" (Dance Street)1991LA mix VG£[21175]
Critical Rhythm"It Could Not Happen" (Network)1990 G£[20854]
Crunch"Devo" (Six Foot Six)1993 VG£[20885]
Crunch"50c" ()1995 VG£[20886]
Cybersonik"Technarchy" (Champion)1990 F£[20867]
Cybersonik"Technarchy" (Champion)1990 EX£[20868]
Cyclone"The Sonic Cycology e.p." (Network)1991 VG£[20892]
D-Rail"Bring it on Down" (DDD)1991 G£[21048]
D.D.E. & Co"Blood" (Flying)1991 G£[20869]
D:Ream"U R The Best Thing" (FXU)1992Sasha Mixes VG£[21131]
Dayeene"Good Thing ep" (Faze 2)1992 G£[21104]
De Melero"Night Moves" (ZYX)1991 G£[21096]
Decktition"Love Rush / Bring the Noise" (Promo)1992 VG£[20925]
Destroyer"Senses" ( Target)1991 G£[21176]
Destroyer - Dahoda"Dahoda" (Target)1991 G£[21037]
Digital Boy"OK alright" (Flying)1991 VG£[21205]
Digital Boys"Techno (Dance to the House)" (Flying)1990 G£[21061]
Digital Boys"Techno" (Flying)1991Includes Rotation a corker G£[21047]
Digital Domain"Digital Domain" (Rabbit City)0 VG£[21195]
Digital Excitation"Pure Pleasure" (Mikki House)1992 VG£[21115]
Digital Orgasm"Running Out Of Time" ( Trance Mission)1991 G£[20989]
Digital Orgasm"Moog Eruption" (Trance Mission)1991 VG£[20978]
Dirty Mind"Everybody Let\'s Go" (Italian Style)1991 G£[21110]
DJ Casanova"Bass Cybersonic" (R & S)1991 VG£[21054]
DJ K"James Brown est" (DRA)1991 VG£[21083]
DJ Le Roy"Yo Te Quiero" (Palmares)1991 G£[21051]
DJ Massive"Massive Overload" (Mute)1991 G£[21108]
DJ PC"Inssomniak" (Bite)1991 VG£[21168]
DJ Seduction"Hardcore Heaven / You and Me" (ffrr)1991 VG£[20923]
Downtime"I Feel the Music" (United Sounds of America)1991 VG£[21133]
E Lustrious"Dance No More" (MOS)1991 VG£[20957]
Eart Beat Synphonic"Raw Beats 2" (Warrior)1990 G£[21062]
Egma"Let The Bass Kick" (Mid Town)1991 G£[21035]
Electic Choc"Shock the Beat" (Discomagic)1993 VG£[20936]
Electroheart"Music for the Life" (DFC)1991 VG£[21173]
Elements of Trance"Smoke and Mirrors" (C Level)1992 G£[20979]
Elixir Vitaw"Gotta Release It" (Total Music)1993 G£[21165]
Epitome of Hype"Ladies With an Attitude" (Big Life)1991 VG£[21000]
Eskimos & Egypt"UK -USA Remix" (One Little Indian)1993 EX£[21024]
Eskimos & Egypt"UK - USA" (One Little Indian)1993 VG£[21025]
Evolution"Came Outa Nowhere" (Positive)1990 G£[20961]
Evolution"Metropolis" (Positive)1991 G£[20962]
Exceller 8"Can You Reach" (White)1993 EX£[20899]
F-14"F-14" (Pirate)1991 VG£[20959]
F/O/A/d"Work it Out" (D-Zone)1991 G£[20948]
Fabio Paras"Sack the Drummer" (White)1990 VG£[21213]
Fantasy UFO"Mind Body Soul" (Strictly Underground)1991 G£[20884]
Felix"Don\'t You Want Me" (Deconstruction)1992Original mix Hooj mix Red Jerry and Fierce mix VG£[21163]
Fierce Ruling Diva"Rubb it In" (React)1991 VG£[21139]
Fierce Ruling Diva"You Gotta Believe" (React)1992 VG£[20874]
Fits Of Gloom"Differences" (Gem Records)1992 G£[20943]
Floor Federation"Music For the Masses Part 2" (One Off)1992 VG£[20949]
Francesco Zappala"We Gotta Do It" (Media)1991 G£[21189]
Free Fall and Psychotropic"Feel Surreal" (ffrr)1991 F£[20846]
Free Zone"Change It" (Energy)1991 VG£[21075]
Frequency"Where is your Evidence" (Lower East Slide)1991 G£[21199]
Frequency"Kiss The Sky" (Lower East Side)1991 VG£[21122]
Freshtrax"Industrial mix Pablo Spirit mix" (Strategy)1990 VG£[21154]
Freshtrax & Ace II"X-O-CET" (Beat Farm)1990 G£[20913]
Friends of Matthew"Out There" (White)1991Techno Raw and Garage mixes G£[20929]
Friends of Matthew"The Calling" ( Pulse 8)1991 G£[20944]
Future Vision"30 Feet Below Your Head" (Break Through Records)1992 VG£[21040]
Gail Robinson"Bust Your Body The remixes" (NBS)1989 G£[21149]
Gangster Point"Get Back" (Top Secret)1991 G£[21076]
Gathering Momentum"Smooth Groove" (Big Time)1990 G£[21160]
Genaside 2"The Alchemist" (Jumpin and Pumpin)1990 VG£[20901]
Genaside 2"Death of the Kamikazee" (Jumpin & Pumpin)1991 G£[20893]
Glam"Hells Party" (DFC)1992 VG£[21017]
Greed"Love" ( D-Zone)1991 F£[20904]
Greed"Gonna Let You Go" (Dance Zone)1993 VG£[21107]
Grey Clouds"Amboseli" (Dream Records)1992 VG£[21214]
Hans G"Anything You Like" (SSR)1991 VG£[21212]
Hardcore"I Like John" (XL)1990 VG£[20952]
Haywire"Something for your Mind" (Brainiak)1991 G£[21127]
Helicopter"On Ya Way" (Helicopter)1994 VG£[21074]
HHFD"Start da Panik" (Rising High)1992 VG£[20858]
Hibrid & Doo Lally D"Floorquake" (Omen)1991 G£[20950]
Holy Noise"The Global Insert Project" (Hithouse)1991 G£[20839]
Holy Noise"Father Forgive Them" (Hithouse)1990 G£[20835]
Human Resource"Dominator" (IMC)1991 VG£[21087]
Human Resource"The Complete Dominator" (R & S Records)1991 VG£[20849]
Human Resource"Dominator remixes" (R & S Records)1991 F£[20850]
Humanizer"So Many Ways" (Faze 2)1992 VG£[21120]
Hysteria"Energy Express" (DJM)1992 VG£[21174]
Immense"Time to wake up" (Safe)0Excellent extra time remix by Charlie hall VG£[21211]
Incubus"Volume 1" ( IMC)1991 VG£[21210]
Industrial"Severe Trauma" (Industrial)1993 G£[21089]
Inner City"Let it Reign" (Ten)1991 G£[20915]
Interstellar Overdrive"Excited" (Music Man)1991 G£[21079]
Is That It"State of Mind ep" (D Zone)1994 G£[21197]
Isotonik"Different Strokes" (ffrr)1991 VG£[21125]
J and V"Evribady Bastardi" (Discomagic)1991 VG£[21200]
Jaydee"Plastic Dreams" (R & S Records)1993 G£[20847]
Jepson"Pump The Rhythm" (Seven valley)1991 VG£[21172]
Jimmy Crash"Crash Course" (Nu Groove)1991 VG£[21091]
Jinny"Keep Warm" (Italian Style)1991 G£[21077]
John and Julie"Double Happiness" (XL)1991 G£[21013]
John and Julie"Circles" (XL)1991 G£[21012]
Juice"Do It Right" (DFC)1992 VG£[21018]
KA 22"Metamorphism" (Stealth)1991 VG£[21126]
Katherine E"I\'m Alright" (Dead Dead Good)1991 VG£[21182]
Katherine E"Then I Feel Good" ( BDA)1991 VG£[21183]
Kicksquad"What You Searchin For" (Kickin)1991 G£[20905]
Kicksquad"Sound Clas" ( Kickin)1990 VG£[20841]
Kid Unknown"Nightmare" (Warp)1992 VG£[20823]
KLF"What Time is Love Remix" (KLF)1989Moody Boys Echo & the Bunnymen etc VG£[21117]
Klubzone 1"Boom Ahh" (Oh Zone)1991 VG£[20937]
LA Style"James Brown is Dead" (Decadence)1992 VG£[21069]
Laura D"Be Alright" ( Music Man)1991 VG£[21170]
Laurent X"Its Magic" (House Nation)1989 F£[20987]
Leftfield"Song Of Life" (Hard Hands)1992Promo VG£[20985]
Leftfield"Release the Dubs Remix" (Hard Hands)1992 G£[20953]
Leila K"Open Sesame" (Polydor)1992 VG£[21166]
Lewis Lovebump"Spacetime" (Zazaboem)1992 VG£[21111]
LFO"Brainstorm" (Fast Forward)1990 G£[21144]
LFO"What is House" (Warp)1991Rare promo EX£[20900]
LFO"LFO Remix" (Warp)1990 G£[20826]
LFO"LFO" (Warp)1990The Leeds Warehouse Mix G£[20817]
LFO"We Are Back" (Warp)1991 F£[20825]
Liasons D"Por La Patria" (USA)1990 G£[21224]
Liquid"Sweet Harmony" (XL)1992 VG£[20862]
Little Little"Tickle Me" (MG Records)1989 VG£[21082]
Lloyd Owes me a Packet"Keep it Up" (Jelly Jam)1990 G£[21138]
Loop 91"For Your Party" (Flying)1991 G£[20871]
Lords of Acid"Hey Ho" (Complete Chaos)1991 EX£[21097]
Love Revolution"Give It To Me" ( Network)1991 G£[20956]
Love Revolution"Give It To Me" (RRR)1991B/W The Scream G£[21043]
M&M"Donít Stand In My Way" (Suburba Base)1991 VG£[20878]
M&M featuring Rachel Wallace"I Feel This Way" (Suburban Base)1991 VG£[20876]
M- D- Emm"Get Down" (Strictly Underground)1991 VG£[20882]
"God of Abraham" (Trance Mission)1991 G£[21067]
Mach 2"Techno Grooves" (White)1990 F£[21066]
Mach 3"Techno Grooves" ( R & S)1991 G£[20902]
Manic"Concept 2 ep" (White)1991 VG£[20930]
Meat Beat Manifesto"Mindstream" (Play it Again Sam)1992 VG£[21114]
Meng Syndicate"Artificial Fantasy" (Hithouse)1991 G£[20838]
Messiah"20000 Hardcore Members" (Kickin)0Promo G£[21193]
Messiah"There is No Law" (Kickin)1991 G£[20926]
MIC"OOBE 3 Remix" (Planet Pacific)1993 G£[21146]
Mig 29"Mig 29" (Pirate)1991 G£[20872]
Mimmo Mix"All Your Love" (Whole)1991 G£[21184]
Ministers of Dance"Dance to the Melody" (Boogie Beat Records)1991 VG£[21045]
Moby"Go" (Outer Rhthym)1991 VG£[20995]
Moby"Go" (Outer Rhythm)1991 G£[21121]
Model 500"Ocean to Ocean" (Kool Kat)1992 G£[21202]
Modular Expansion"Workaholics" (Mikki)1991Cubes remix on B side G£[21132]
Monica De Luxe"Take Control" (CT Records)1992 VG£[20954]
Monica De Luxe"Move to the Music" (C.T. Records)1991 G£[21119]
MOTMG"Vol II" (3 Beat)1993 VG£[21030]
MOTMG"The Monkey Funker ep" (3 Beat)1993 VG£[21031]
Mr Monday"Future" (Elevation Inc)1990 F£[20906]
Mystique"Want your Body" (TCUE)1998 VG£[21147]
N Joi"Live in Manchester" (Deconstruction)1992 EX£[20919]
N-Joi"Anthem 1991 Remix" (Deconstruction)1991 F£[20977]
N-Joi"Music from a State of Mind" (Deconstruction)1990Anthem Manic and Techno Gangsters G£[20935]
Nation XX"Do The Beat" (Rave 55)1991 VG£[21060]
Neal Howard"Indulge" (Network)1990 G£[20852]
Neon"Waves" (Rave 55)1991 VG£[21039]
Neutorn 9000"Sentinel" (Profile)1990 G£[20990]
New Atlantic"I Know" (3 Beat)1991 G£[20934]
Nicolette"Singlr Minded People" (Shut Up and Dance)1990 G£[20833]
Nightmares On Wax" Aftermath" ( Warp)1990B Side I\'m For Real VG£[20814]
Nightmares On Wax" Aftermath #3" ( Warp)1990 G£[20818]
Nightmares On Wax"Aftermath # 2" ( Warp)1990Features LFO Remix VG£[20815]
Nikita Warren"I Need You" (Raiders Records)1991 VG£[20920]
Nitrous"Identify" (FX Records)1991 VG£[20891]
NRG"The Terminator" (Chill)1991 G£[20991]
Nu-Tekk"Happiness" (Oh Zone)1991 VG£[20897]
Oceanic"Insanity" (Dead Dead Good)1991 G£[21105]
Oi Sonik"Just Let Your Body Ride" (Flying)1991 VG£[20870]
Oliver Adams"Free the World" (Beat Box)1991 VG£[21081]
Open Billet"Could Be Rock" (Italian Style)1991 G£[21021]
Open House"Keep with the Pace" (Nu Groove)1990 G£[20966]
Orange Lemon"Tne Texican" (Champion)1988 P£[20963]
Orbital"Satan" (ffrr)1991Classic VG£[20842]
Orbital"Omen" (ffrr)1990 F£[20844]
Orbital"Midnight / Choice" (ffrr)1991 G£[21004]
Orbital"Satan" (ffrr)1991Chime on b side G£[20843]
Origin"Hard Impact" (Hithouse)1991 G£[20837]
Original Clique"North of Watford ep" (Chill)1990 F£[21143]
Otto Rongo"Five O\'Clock My Ass, Let\'s Tango" (Holy Hole)0 VG£[21188]
Outlander"The Vamp" (R & S)1992 VG£[21084]
Oval"And we Know what\'s Going On" (DFC)1992 VG£[21151]
Over Noise"Phaedrus" (American)1991 G£[21178]
P.W.M."Are You Ready To Move" (Pirate)1991 VG£[20873]
Penetration"Penetration" (Go Bang)1990 G£[20980]
PF"Brain" (Italian Style)1992 VG£[21022]
PKA"Temperature Rising" (Stress)1991 G£[21137]
Plexus"Cactus Rhythm" (Galaxie)1991 G£[20955]
Powerdrive 23"2000 AD" (Final Vinyl)1991 VG£[20895]
Praga Khan"Rave Alarm" (Beat Box)1992 VG£[21092]
Praga Khan feat Jade 4 U"Free Your Body / Injected with a Poison" (Beat Box)1991 EX£[20994]
Problem House"Volume 3" (Hithouse)1992 VG£[20834]
Prodigy"Everybody In The Place" (XL)1992 G£[20984]
Project 1"Rush the Bridge" (Tam Tam)1990 G£[21216]
Project 86"Resistance / Legends" (Nu Groove)1991 VG£[20921]
Project 86"Industrial Bass" (Nu Groove)1990 VG£[21090]
Prophet of Rage"Somebody Scream" (Rising High)1991 VG£[20993]
PSI Dimension"Brainbomb" (Transmission)1993 G£[21049]
Psychoslaphead"Psychosaphead" (Psy)1993 VG£[20887]
Q Bass"Dancin people" (Suburban Base)1991 EX£[20875]
Q Tex"The Equator ep" (23rd Precinct)1991 G£[21106]
Quadrophonia"Find the Time Part 1" (ARS)1991 VG£[21072]
Qualified"Adventures in Success" (DRA)1991 G£[21128]
Quartz"Were comin at ya" (Phonogram)1990 G£[21222]
Quazar"The Future" (Go Bang)1991 VG£[21152]
Quazar"The Spring EP" (Go Bang)1991 VG£[21134]
Qube 45"The Sequal" (IMC)1991 G£[21196]
R Solution"Blowing My Mind" ()0 VG£[20898]
R.A.F."We\'ve Got To Live Together" (G.F.B.)1993 G£[21029]
Racoon"Racoon" (Racoon Tunes)1993 VG£[20946]
Radical Rhythms"Let your Mind be Free" ()1990 G£[21129]
Radical Rob"Monkey Wah remix" (R & S)1991 G£[21100]
Ravebusters"Mitrax" (Dance Opera)1991 G£[21044]
Renegade Soundwave"Biting My Nails" (Mute)1990 G£[20999]
Rhythim is Rhythin"The Beginning" (Kool Kat)1990 VG£[21164]
Rhythm Device"Acid Rock" (Music Man)1990 F£[21112]
Rhythm Invention"Cant Take It" (Warp)1992 VG£[20819]
Rhythmatic"Frequency" (Network)1990 G£[20853]
Rising High Collective"Fever Called Love" (Rising High)1993 VG£[20856]
Rising High Collective"Magic Roundabout" (Tam Tam)1990 G£[21136]
Roberta Flack"Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out" (Promo)1989 G£[20951]
Roots and Soul"Mr Kirk meets Bass" (White)0Also known as Mr Kirk vs The Real Bassline VG£[21219]
Roundabout"Just Dance for Me" (Hithouse)1991 VG£[20836]
Rum and Black"Wicked Remix" (Shut Up and Dance)1991 VG£[20830]
Rum and Black"Slaves" (Shut Up and Dance)1991 VG£[20829]
S Bam"Take Me Away Now" (Ra Re Production)1990 G£[21050]
Scientist"Exorcist 2" (Kickin)1990 VG£[20927]
Scientist"Spiral Symphony" (Kickin)1991 G£[20928]
Second Phase"Mentasm" (R & S Records)1991 F£[20848]
Second Phase"Mentasm" (R & S)1991 F£[20982]
Sequencial"Cycades" (Who\'s that Beat)1991 VG£[21041]
Set Up System"Fairy Dust" (XL)1991 G£[20865]
Sha-Lor" I\'m in Love" (Deconstruction)1989 VG£[20964]
Shades Of Rhythm"Homicide / Exorcist" (ZTT)1991 G£[20918]
Shades of Rhythm"Sweet Sensation Remixes" (ZTT)1991Busters Sweet Salsa Mix and Mr Clubmans mix VG£[21005]
Shades of Rhythm"Sweet Sensation" (ZTT)1991 G£[21006]
Shades of Rhythm"The Sound of Eden" (ZTT)1991 G£[21007]
Shades of Rhythm"Extacy ep" (ZTT)1991 G£[21008]
Shaft"Roobarb & Custard" (ffrr)1991 F£[20924]
Shut Up and Dance"£20 To Get In" (Shut Up and Dance)1990 F£[20828]
Silkey B"Absurd" (Techno Trax)1991 VG£[21206]
Skin Up"Ivory" (Love)1991 F£[20983]
SL2"DJs take Control" (XL)1991 G£[20863]
Slow Motion Riot"Funky Vibe mix" (AOC)1991 VG£[21194]
Smallage"Together" (Jack Trax)1990Shivver me timbers VG£[21118]
Sonic Boom"Tra-La-La" (Well Dodgy)1992 G£[20942]
Sonic Experience"The Future is Now" (Strictly Underground)1991 G£[20883]
Sonic Experience"Protien" (Strictly Underground)1992 F£[20880]
Sonik Expander"Omega" (Top Secret)1992 VG£[21046]
Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era"Further Out" (Suburban Base)1991 VG£[20960]
Sound Source"Take me Up" (Btech)1991 VG£[21209]
Soundsource"One High" (OM)1992 G£[21191]
Space Trax Vol 1"Vivisection" (R & S)1992 G£[21052]
Space Trax Vol 2"Atomic Playboy The Bells" (Stealth)1992 G£[21169]
Space Trax Vol 3"Deduction" (Stealth)1991 G£[21053]
Speedy J"Journey" (Plus 8)1991 VG£[20998]
SSR"To Be House" (Media)1991 G£[20910]
Strategy"High energy" (Strategy)1992 G£[21140]
Strobe"Run to Me" (Discomagic)1991 VG£[21221]
Subject 13"Eternity" (Vinyl Solution)1990 EX£[21223]
Sublime"Transamerican" (White)1993 VG£[20986]
Sunday Skool"Feel the Music" (Lost Records)1993 VG£[21113]
Sunscreem"Walk On" (Sony)1991 G£[20911]
Sunscreem"Perfect Motion" (Sony)1992 G£[21109]
Sven Vath"Ritual of Life" (Eye Q)1993Ritual Mixes G£[21071]
Sweet Exorcist"Per Clonk" (Warp)1990 VG£[20822]
Sweet Exorcist"Clonk" ( Warp)1990 G£[20820]
Synergy"Secrets of the Unknown" (Rave 55)0 VG£[21059]
Synthesis"House Time" (Italian Style)1991 G£[21023]
T99"Nocturne" (Emphasis)1992 VG£[21102]
T99"Anasthasia" (Who\'s That Beat)1991 G£[21116]
Techno DJs"Mind Trips vol 1" (Rave)1991 VG£[21190]
Techno Grooves"Mach 5" ( Stealth)1992 VG£[21203]
Techno Grooves"Mach 4" ()1991 F£[20988]
Tekno Too"Feel the Power" (D Zone)1990 VG£[21215]
Terry Hunter"Madness" (Muzique)1990 G£[21003]
The 45 King"The King is Here" (Dance Trax)1989 F£[20914]
The Age of Love"The Age of Love" (React)1992Jam and Spoon mixes VG£[21124]
The Ambassador Vol 1"Communism is Gone" (Soviet)1991 VG£[21135]
The Deadkirks"Mr Kirk Your Son is Dead" (Midtown)1991 G£[21026]
The Effect"Happy Box" ()0 VG£[21204]
The Force"In the Beginning" (White)0 EX£[21208]
The Full Dread"The Best" ( Strictly Underground)1991 EX£[20879]
The Hypnotist"The House is Mine Remix" (Rising High)1992 G£[20859]
The Hypnotist"The House is Mine" (Rising High)1992 G£[20857]
The Hypnotist"Rainbows In the Sky" (Rising High)1992 F£[20908]
The Love Decade"So Real" (All Around the World)1991 G£[21086]
The Love Decade"Dream On (Is this a deam)" (All around the World)1991Nipper Mixes VG£[21085]
The Orb"Little Fluffy Clouds" (Big Life)1991Aubrey mixes G£[21064]
The Orb"Assassin" (Big Life)1992 VG£[21099]
The Prodigy"What Evil Lurks" (XL)1991 F£[20864]
The Project"Do That Dance" (R & S)1991 G£[21042]
The Project"Kick the House" (R & S)1992 G£[21093]
The Ragga Twins"Illegal Gunshot Spliffhead" (Shut Up and Dance)1990 F£[20832]
The Sound of Now"Volume 1" (STR)1991 VG£[21068]
The Step" Yeah You" ( Warp)1991 VG£[20821]
The Transplant"Come Together" (One Off)1992 VG£[21177]
The Vision"Gyroscopic EP" (Rising High)1992 G£[20860]
Thirst"The Enemy Within" (Ten)1991 F£[21162]
Time Zone"Praise God" (Music Man)1991 VG£[21150]
Timeless"Fidelity" (Circuit)1993 VG£[21161]
Together"Hardcore Uproar" (ffrr)1990 P£[20922]
Tom Tom"See Me Touch Me Remix" (Total Recall)1990 VG£[21218]
Toxic Two"Rave Generator" (Dancefloor)1991 G£[21001]
Toxic Two"Rave Generator The remixes" (Dancefloor)1992 VG£[21192]
Transonic"Jellystone EP" (Theory)1991 VG£[20939]
Tricky Disco"Disco 130" (Rumour)1991 VG£[21186]
Tricky Disco"Housefly" (Warp)1991 G£[20816]
Tricky Disco"Tricky Disco" (Warp)1990 G£[20824]
Trigger"Wisdom" (Target)1991 G£[21103]
Tuntable Terror"Break" (Mid Town)1991 G£[21028]
Two"Let\'s Do This" (XZ)1991 VG£[21179]
U2" Even Better than the Real Thing" (Island)0 VG£[21180]
Ubik"Non Stop Techno EP" (Zoom)1990 G£[20992]
UHF"UHF" (XL)1991 VG£[20861]
Under Cover Movement"Moonstompin" (Strictly Underground)1991 F£[20881]
Urban Hype"Living in a Fantasy" (Faze 2)1992 VG£[21148]
Utah Saints"What Can You Do fo Me" (Promo)1991Yellow coloured Vinyl G£[21009]
Utah Saints"Believe In Me" (ffrr)1993 G£[21011]
Utah Saints"Something Good is Gonna Happen" (Promo)1991White Marbled Colour Vinyl G£[21010]
Various Artists"Reactivate Volume 5" (React Music)1992 VG£[21217]
Various Artists"Keep It Locked This is the Big One Vol 2" (Big One)1990Deskee Band of Gypsies King Bee Etc G£[20912]
Vision Masters featuring Kylie"Keep on Pumpin It" (PWL)1991 G£[21185]
Vitimano feat da force"What I\'ve Got" (Good Boy Records)1992 G£[21056]
West Bam"Monkey Say Monkey Do" (Doctor Beat)1989 G£[21070]
Westbam"The Roof is on Fire" (Swanyard)1990 F£[20981]
Westbam"I Can\'t Stop" (Low Spirit)1991 G£[21058]
Westbam"Rock The House" (Swanyard)1991 G£[21057]
What\'s"Revolution" (Antler Subway)1990 VG£[21171]
Wishdokta"Evil Surrounds Us" (Kickin)1992 VG£[20840]
X"Ajuta" (Dance Opera)1991 G£[21036]
Z Formation"The Brutal EP" (Final Vinyl)1991 VG£[20896]
Zoogie"Forever On" (ffrr)0 G£[21080]

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